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PRINCE2® - Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®  

Course PRINCE2® —Five day—Instructor-led


This course prepares participants for the PRINCE2®
Foundation and Practitioners examination. Attention will be given to practical participation in a case study encompassing the most essential elements of a PRINCE2® project.

Participants will explore the relationship between the Business Case and the project and develop specific PRINCE2
® products during the course. The foundation examination will be taken mid week and the final day of the course will include the Practitioners examination.

Some pre-workshop study is expected of the candidates prior to attend the course.

Who will benefit?

The benefits of using structured methods for Project Management have long been recognised, especially in the systems development arena. Now other areas of businesses are realising that a more disciplined approach can help ensure that projects add value to the business as planned.

If you require training in a structured project management, and particularly PRINCE2®, to Practitioner level this is the course for you. You might be managing a project, or preparing to do so or managing those who are PRINCE2® Practitioners.
Alternatively you may be required to play a role in a project conducted in accordance with PRINCE2®, and wish to do so fully and responsibly.

Course Objectives

You will be able to:

• Explain how the PRINCE2® process model fits together
• Explain the context and main function of each process
• Explain the main ideas underlying each component
• Explain the uses of each component
• Use the techniques described in PRINCE2®
• You will be encouraged and assisted to recognise, understand and adopt the proven good project management practice embodied in PRINCE2®.
• A major ingredient of the course is enabling you to understand PRINCE2® in order to take, and hopefully pass, your Practitioner examination. However, we will also help to see how you can deploy PRINCE2® in your project for its benefit.


Project Management experience and/or experience working in project teams. Some pre-read manterial is provided prior ro the event, which is expected to be fully read before attending the course.


The examination scheme is administered by the Association for Project Management Group Ltd. The examinations consist of the Foundation examination, which is a one-hour, 75 questions, multi-choice paper and the Practitioners examination, which consists of three questions, based on a case study, lasting for three hours.

Course Content

Introduction to PRINCE2®

The background, objectives, benefits, scope and structure of the method.

Project organisation

Organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, the project management team including the project board, project and team management. The roles of project assurance and project support, handling relationships with suppliers, programme
management and the relationships with projects.


Purpose and importance of the planning components, types of plan, product identification and specification, determining stages, planning techniques, product based planning, the steps in planning.

Project control

Work package authorisation, stage assessments, establishing project and stage tolerance, checkpoints, highlight reports, handling exception situations,
project issues, project reporting.

Risk management

Types of business and project risk, risk analysis and management, the risk log.


Ensuring quality, quality planning,
relationship with ISO9000, product descriptions, quality control, quality review.

Change control and Configuration Management

Change control steps, authority levels.
Analysing the impact, configuration management.


Starting up a project, directing a project,
initiating a project, managing stage boundaries, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, closing a project, and planning.

PRINCE2®in practice

Tailoring PRINCE2® for different business environments, scaling PRINCE2® for use with projects of different type and/or size, implementing PRINCE2®, project documentation and filing.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited